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3-04-09 - An interesting presentation of "I am that I am" in Wikipedia - ending with uses of that phrase or a facsimile by Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta.  It also mentions a similar comment by Jesus who used that approach more than once. Meher Baba and others have used the "I am" metaphor. Ramana Maharshi says something like that you can find god in your "I am" feeling. Sometimes people get a little nuts and say they are god or Jesus or whatever and it just may be they're touched by the divine, get an "I am" hit. Boy, it sure seems easy to misinterpret though. We forget other assurances that include all beings (to me) as when Jesus said, "Ye are gods" and when Pseudo Dionysius said "Jesus is utterly divine mind." I recall the popular I Am religion centered in Chicago in the 30s. Check it out. It's pretty far out. Turning our subject interrogatively, let us contemplate the famous Zen koan "Who am I?" Popeye's answer was, "I yam what I yam." Kabumpkan says: Also, I'm not that I'm not.


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