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6-21-09 - Bashar interviewed by Alan Steinfeld of New Realities. Bashar is my favorite channeled messenger. The channel is Daryl Anka, cousin of Paul Anka, whom I met with waswife Elin (who calls me her wasband) back in 1992.

Here's another  Bashar YouTube clip where he explains the Four Laws of Creation.

Back in 93 some Seeds of Change (now Bioneers) folks were staying with us in Santa Fe during their conference, and one of them, Eric Davis, was working on an article about UFOs, aliens, and such for the Village Voice and we got to talking about the subject which I'd read about at different times in my life starting in about the fifth grade and I told him that the best stuff on all this was channeled. He asked me if I believed in channeling and I said I don't believe in anything including consensus reality or Santa Fe but if he wants the most fun info on ETs then he should go to the channels and I liked Bashar best.

Bashar says that we're not ready for face to face contact, that we're too different, also that we're still too psycho and dangerous to get too close to. He says that what's best for now is to communicate through a biological agent by which he meant a channel.

My impression from talking to Daryl and others who know him is that Daryl doesn't particularly like to do Bashar. He's a graphic designer and has always wanted to create a cosmic theme park. But doing Bashar pays his bills. He's not a conscious channel so he has to be told what he's said or listen to it - like Edgar Cayce.

Bashar has great answers for just about any question and he shoots it out fast. Daryl on the other hand is slow talking and sort of shy. If Bashar is an act he's quite an actor. Either way I dig it. I don't keep up with Bashar but I've had a good time now and then checking up on him.

Bashar doesn't say that his predictions are  absolute, that his experience of our future is not necessarily our future, that we are creating our future and we're not out of danger. He says we have an exceptional amount of help right now with all sorts of beings trying to assist us. He says our planet is in much better shape than most are at this stage but that we can still screw it up royally and that would be a shame.

He says we're known as the Masters of Limitation and are somewhat envied for the enlightenments we can experience when we wake up out of our tiny little boxes we call reality. He says things really don't have to be this bad, that what we take as given is way below the norm in terms of joy and positive emotions and expanded consciousness and so forth.

I remember someone asking him about hell and he said something that I'll paraphrase by saying sure there are terrible low painful confused extremely limited hellish states of mind which might seem eternal but which tends to pass quickly because no one would choose to stay that miserable for long and whatever purification or lesson there was to go through is quite convincing.

I love Bashar's explanation of karma - self-balancing--not an outside power, and reincarnation - optional--not mechanical or set in a rigid way, more like a dream - always changing - including the past. no fixed reality.

Eric did the article on UFOs and did look into channeling and told me later that he never ran into anything that bothered so many people that much, much more than mainstream psychic stuff or other unusual phenomena. He said a lot of people just went nuts at the idea of channeling or that anyone would take it seriously. I told him that's one of my favorite things about channeling.

Bashar has said lots of things I can't accept and there's a lot of hokey new age glitter around him and he does charge and it seems to me try to make as much money as he can, but I don't believe in discrediting people because they're trying to make money on something and I always found Bashar to be lots of intriguing fun.

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