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10-25-09 - And don't forget, it's time to FALL BACK your clocks - if you're in Germany like me that is. The US is next week. Which reminds me. I always wonder what official police and hospital and telephone etc records show to indicate the difference between the two hours with the same name. What about computers and airplane and other travel schedules? I don't know when they do it here but in the US it's at 2am. I remember once I was at a party at the Record Plant in Sausalito on such a day and made a call at 2am to someone saying "Come to the party" and then left the same message an hour later and the time was again 2am. Ever since then I've wondered about that. It would be easy to find out I bet. They could just go Date; 02:00A and 02:00B.  - dc
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