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11-24-09 - If you're interested in movies, you must be familiar with IMDB, the Internet Movie Data Base. I have used it since near when it started - like more than ten years ago I think. Recently I placed my first movie comment.

The movie is Whatever Works - something I failed to include when I hurriedly put this on cuke.

Boris the genius made a common grammatical error, 22 November 2009
Author: David Chadwick (cukedotcom) from United States

*** This comment may contain spoilers ***

Loved this movie. I like all Woody Allen movies. You might not like it. I'm not very critical - I don't even disagree with the critical reviews and comments of it but I forgive him all his failings. However, I'm not writing this as a review. Maybe there's somewhere else this type of comment goes. It's a trivia comment. Anyway, it's about a grammatical error that Boris (Larry David) made while correcting in his snobbish way the grammar of Melody (Evan Rachel Wood). At an hour and thirty-one minutes into the film right after her mother has shown up, she, Melody, says: "You see Mama, Boris is a genius. He doesn't have a lot of patience for us inchworms." Boris corrects her with: "We, we inchworms." He's attempting to show off his intellectual superiority but he's wrong and she's right.

Because it doesn't seem to me to make any sense the way it is, I think Woody Allen must have accidentally made this common error which is creeping more and more into the language these days - using the subject pronoun in the object position. And nobody else involved in making the movie caught it. Or maybe Allen did do it on purpose as some sort of inside joke or to expose Boris in this small way as not as perfect as he thinks he is.

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