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Ruminating on emptiness I guess

11-28-09 - Going into a 7 day sesshin tomorrow known in Japanese type Buddhist circles as Rohatsu which is the day it is supposed to end, December 8th. But here at Johanneshof it's done Sunday to Sunday as close as they can get to the proper dates because more people can come that way. Here's some info on Rohatsu or Bodhi day.

Drinking the last of the Pete's Russian Caravan black tea, "A well-rounded blend of teas with a full, smooth, smoky flavor." (thanks Katrinka) Such a nice metal container. It's a shame to throw it out, well, to recycle it. Maybe someone will want it. So many things to consider. I'm really glad that there are really no choices and life is living us, or, as Herr Dreyer says, quoting some German Christian saying I suppose, "Man thinks. God drives." Suzuki Roshi said in one lecture long ago (that I wrote a song about), "Ride the wave, drive the wave." I think that's a little more the Zen approach. But I've been readying a book given me by a Zennie in Hanover, Kaivalya Gita by Advaita teacher, Vijai S. Shankar, and everything is on the side of there is nothing we are doing or can do but... and I'm afraid to say what because he'll just scoff at me and say that there's nobody to do that and place to do it and so forth. Sri Ramana Maharshi said that the only thing we can do that matters is to see we don't exist. Wake up is also a fair call on that I think as long as we keep in mind that there's no one to wake up and we're not really asleep and even if we were there's not really any waking up. It gets exhausting having everything ruled out. And reading Red Pine's The Heart Sutra just makes it worse, I mean emptier except you can't really say that anything's empty or non existent or lacking in permanence, self, or delight, because there's nothing to point to to say that about. It really makes me wonder where I am etc.

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