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4-12-10  - Sciencemptiness - I love science articles like this about stuff beyond my comprehension. I believe everything and nothing, get into and then posit myself in the future looking back and laughing at all the weird stuff we used to think while thinking the new stuff makes sense. Thanks to Mk for sending that link (which was followed to further links at the bottom etc) and referring to Hua Yen Buddhism where after finding myself dizzy on the floor went I here, yes to Wikipedia, and read that page and then started following those links in another incomprehensible series of mind blowings. Physics and emptiness embrace like vinegar and oil - not quite but they taste good - unlike the silly media either/or of faith vs science which is like eating at McDonalds - keep it up and you'll get sick. The dream continues unconcerned as clouds looking like this like that. - dc

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