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DC MISC.        

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Unusual Experience Department

Listen to DC reading this (thanks Howie Klein for recording it)

5-07-10 - A sprained ankle in Thailand - in dchad misc, Unusual Experience Department - same as two days ago except now there's an audio version thanks to Howie Klein coming by with a little digital recorder. The sound isn't so good. Next time I'll use one of my good mikes. I need to figure out now how to have the sound play while reading it or looking at an image or whatever. One way to do that of course would be to just open another browser page. Hmm. Have to experiment.

Incidentally, Howie said something yesterday I thought I'd pass on. I told him someone was worried about their full name being mentioned here plus some other data about their family, worried that this could lead to identity theft. I didn't really sympathize but it's their bizness so I made the appropriate changes. Howie said that this person was obviously not a Buddhist because Buddhists don't believe in identity theft. - dc


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