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6-13-2010 - Nothing is Written. This phrase comes to me now and then and I was wondering where I got it from. I had an image of an old man in Greece a hundred years ago sitting in a bare room on a wooden chair in the midst of things coming apart muttering it over and over in defiance of those around him who'd recited too long pat phrases of wisdom preceded by "It is written that..." I think of it as I hear literalists quote chapter and verse or invoke the unquestioned authority of "Thus I have heard." It is an oft quoted phrase from Lawrence of Arabia in which Lawrence defies unquestioned truth by saying, "Nothing is written." Here's a song in honor of that by Phantom/Ghost. It's another version of kill the buddha of not to worship graven images of outside the box of look at the moon not the finger of the way beyond words and letters. And when it's gotten down and done it's erasing of all the advice of the ages and we're alone and naked and attached to no symbols or cymbals, then we can pick up our favorite tome and let that wisdom shine through and we can read and reflect till late into the night.

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