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DC MISC.        

Amma, the Hugging Guru

7-13-10 - Interesting Western scientific take on the (to me) silly god question. Is There a God or Is There Nothingness? New Scientific Paradigm. I don't like the either-or ness of the name which are to me false choices, but the article is interesting. - from Huffington Post.

And also from the Huff Post, this on Amma, the hugging guru. Clay and I were hugged by her when Clay was about two in Santa Fe. Everyone in the spiritual hip arty sub-culture there was talking about her. They had big tents set up and concessions and zillions of people and in the biggest tent her with an Indian music ensemble and incense and a crowd in chairs and on the floor. We got in front of the line cause Clay was a baby. There was a brief instruction beforehand mainly to say not to hug her cause she does this all day long and can get bruised, let her hug you. It was very sweet. She gently hugged Clay and me separately and softly chanted something. Afterwards people asked me if I'd experienced light and what did I feel and I didn't have anything cosmic to report but I thought I'd like to start a hugging religion with no dogma where we don't say anything and take turns being the hugger. - dc

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