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7-21-10 - Don't Blame BP

As we all know, BP had an accident.






And lots of bad things happened as a result






People are angry at BP because they didn't want to spend more money to make a safer well and put their own profit first.




and because they've used bad dispersants that make the oil sink a little and make everything worse




Then there's the Punk Patriot

who pointed out here that BP was hiring actors to play cleanup while Obama was there. He also promotes the book below.




and they lie and say anything to get out of trouble, to make themselves look better. They're not focusing on the earth and people, on the biosphere. They're focusing on short term profit.







But the Punk Patriot doesn't really blame BP either - he blames the citizens. Check out his videos.

Yes, we know that they lie.

But should we blame them for that?




And should we blame corporations and businesspeople for being greedy and lying? Politicians do so. I've heard the president do so. But is that the problem? It's not even illegal to be greedy or lie. I think it's what they are required to do. It might even be illegal for them not to do everything they can to maximize profit. So what good is it to make a big fuss about it?





Deregulation is often sold as getting government off people's backs. The lawmakers seem to concentrate on getting government out of the way of big bizness.







And business moves like water to go wherever it is not prohibited by laws or regulation.


What if football had no rules?






What if the traffic had no rules?






If there's not a prohibition against something, there will be some people who will do it if it makes them money.

Here's a shocking example. It was only when this woman learned that it was illegal to eat  children that she took back her promise to do so.











People may get fed up and demand more laws and regulations that are actually enforced.






And politicians will diligently listen.


Laws and regulations will be passed and promises made.





And as a result we will have to take more stringent urine tests.






And prisons will be become more crowded with people who can't pay credit card debt.





And more and more preventive measures will be taken to assure that our corporate overlords are not threatened.


Welcome to prison planet

- and don't blame BP.

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