- an archival site on the life and world of Shunryu Suzuki and those who knew him.

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2-19-2011 - This site was created in December of 1998 as a supplement to the book, Crooked Cucumber: the Life and Zen Teaching of Shunryu Suzuki. There was a lot of the info as presented still in the Crooked Cucumber section, and some photos. Now and then I'd make a change or add something such as in the schedule of events or errata pages. In May of 1999 I started adding to it on a more regular basis and started this What's New page which grew to a What's New section. Every year I have to create a page for the prior year and add links for it to the What's New pages for each year going back to 1999. Just did that. Got a problem with the margins not holding so need to find what's causing that. Always busy work like this and I can only spend so much time on maintanance. But it's interesting when I open the old files to look back at what was posted in these years. - DC                                Go to What's New