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Happy 90th Birthday mother this August 13th, 2004!

Ahdel page

Here's the words for the song I wrote for you on 8/7/04 and played at the family reunion we held out here celebrating your birthday and your life and you.

sort of drunken audio - #1082-Ahdel without last verse on the list of all DC songs


There is a song --- I know the tune
It don't last long --- I'll sing it for you
It's about a Texas belle --- Her name's Ahdel

But where to start --- What could be said
Of her kind heart --- And thoughtfulness
for words will fail to tell --- About Ahdel

Unpretending flower --- Always in bloom
Sunlight after showers --- Shine away the gloom
How about how her --- Mind does not assume
She's got the power --- To comfort all the room

It's so great --- Have such an open-minded mom
Whose poor fate --- To have a ne'er-do-well son
She raised well while he raised hell --- Thank you Ahdel

I'll be sittin on the porch --- Letter in my hand
It's from her of course --- In a distant land
But my heart does always dwell --- One with Ahdel

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