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On Death and Dying
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Loring to Dchad on Santhara
Dchad to Loring mentioning suicide in response to
An Email from Loring Palmer in Response to
Dchad Misc On the deaths of two

Dchad's response to this

hi david,

thank you---very interesting topic regarding choosing one's own death day.

because many human beings are beset with unendurable physical suffering and plead for the coming of sweet death, the promised crown of joy [listen to js bach's cantata #1.]

i met a woman, when i lived in boulder, who'd come to check out CTR that had just returned from india. she accompanied her husband, who was in a bad way physically. his intention was to hook up with a jain community in order to fast-to-death, following the jain ritual of santhara. this process is considered an auspicious way to go, and a celebration actually. it's also legal under the constitution there. could there be a buddhist ritual that allows one this option ? because the two philosophies are so similar in many regards and also they interacted with each other in india.

it's interesting that the kavorkian method is recognized, pro and con, because it is scientific, recognizing the exterior, biological features of death. the measurable realm. at least the patient is not experiencing the passage into the bardo in an emergency care unit.

yes. and ananda's choice ? hmmm?!

it would be valuable to find out joan halifax' view ---or that of other spiritual leaders---about this "great matter."

because the non-measurable realm, the invisible states of mind and levels of psychological existence are pooh poohed by the scientific, bureaucratic establishment in our flatland, post-modern culture. to say that freedom for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness would include the right to choose life-not, is heresy. and heretics are tortured and killed. amen.

we live in interesting times, as is said.

thank you for pursuing this topic.



Dchad's response to this

On Death and Dying
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