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A million thanks, nine bows - to those who've donated time and money to keep this work going.
I do forget to put names here sometimes and to those people I apologize and please tell me. - dc

Fiscal Sponsors: The Pacific Zen Institute and the Institute for Historical Study (if you need non religious sponsor)

Thanks to these folks for their recent contributions in the last couple of years to cuke, to the Crooked Cucumber Archives. Should go back in time and credit others which will be a long list with inevitable omissions - please remind me. - dc

Special contributions of work, time, and skills

*Katrinka McKay - all sorts of help
*Rachel Boughton - fundraising drive
*Michael Katz - key advisor and agent, significant donations through the years, early Suzuki tape archivist
*John Tarrant - major support for nine years
*John Rauck - PZI treasurer for patient assistance
*Judith Gilbert - paid for half of AW's recent Genjoji sesshin and is working with AW on Suzuki audio tapes, especially those that haven't been transcribed. Judith has transcribed some Suzuki lectures we can now hear better as a result of this work. She also has researched and walked me through what to do to get audio software at a nominal price for non profits.
*AW - work with Suzuki audio tapes to improve quality
*David Cohen - tech support going back past memory
*Edgar Arnold - transcribed Suzuki lectures, proofing German Crooked Cucumber
Michael Joshin Podgorschek - scanned German Crooked Cucumber for republication
*Ray Watkins - proofed Suzuki lecture Edgar transcribed and did major Suzuki lecture transcript reorganization, did a Crooked Cucumber index, working on maps. Reformated all Suzuki lectures making heading and body style uniform.
Christopher Modec-Halverson hosts (got the site and pays for it) for cuke and photos file work
*Jenny Wunderly is preparing the lengthy series of Suzuki's use of the word "precept."
*Dan Kaplan - photo archive search for CC photos for new German edition and transcribing interview with Brit Pyland  (deferring half)
*Layla Smith deferred some payment in working on email list data base and transcribing of interviews..
*Palden McLennan for suggesting the recurring payment option.
*Howie Klein - loans to get by, handyman work in office, moving assistance (partial deferred)
*Clayton Chadwick - loans to get by, moving assistance
*Peter Ford is redoing majorly the presentation of and maintains the site. too.
*Jeff Miller, Bill Hackenberg, CM Sword of Monju, J Bearden, Robert Barrer, Dan Sonik - working on new transcriptions of Suzuki lectures  - 9-12. Thorsten Bauer, Chris Damian  joining that 11-12
*Clare Hollander, Chris Damian, Jeff Tollefsrud working on light edits - 9-12. Clare transcribing Suzuki film, scanning Wind Bell material.
*Thorsten Bauer - problem audio transcribing
*Kaveh Moezzi - mailing - lots of it
*Dylan Lepus - audio work


*Can't include all the people who email suggestions, material, and corrections for Like recently (late April 2012) Mark Bittner has been finding Steve Gaskin pieces on Suzuki in his books and sending them in.

Financial Support
Donors to the Crooked Cucumber Archives
Please inform DC of any omissions.
posted 7-04-12

Since the April 2012 Fundraising Appeal

Subscribers from $2 to $50 monthly donation (listed in first name a-z)

in 2016 some of these remain - in 2017 down to 8 but some new ones came then.

Alexander Tribe rip
Allan Novick
Bruce McLennan
Carol Paul (Al Tribe's widow)
Christina Halsey
Colleen Gildea
Dharma Sangha Crestone
Gérard Sensevy
Jamie Avera
Katherine Haimson
Keith Cowan
Loring Palmer
Margaret Bertrand
Mark Young
Myles Cowherd
Paul Rosenblum
Peter Coyote
Richard DeWald
Robert Dodge
Stephan Bodian
Stephen Hale
Steven J Stucky (RIP)
Susan O'Leary
Wendy Pirsig

2012 and beyond Donors - from 5$ to thousands (listed in first name a-z)

Alan Block
Andrew Atkeison
April Bodman
Audrey Hall-Mendoza
Barbara Machtinger
Barbara Wenger
Beverly Tharp
Bill & Beth Krumbein
Bill Shurtleff
Brian Bowen
Carolyn and Jim Morton
Don Brewer - in Honor Of Clare Hollander's Jukai
Diane Dodge
Brian Fikes
Carla Antonaccio
Christian Dillo
Clare Hollander
Clemens Krümmel
Colleen Busch
Danny Parker
Dave JW Da
David & Sharon Dalenberg
David Schneider
Debi Papazian
Dennis McNally
Don and Audrey Robinson
Donald J Brewer
Donden Chojin Association
Edward Brown
Erik Storlie
Eric Travis
Eric Zsebenyi
Frank Anderton
Georgia Wright
Gib Robinson
Gill Pomeroy
Gladys Thacher
James Ishmael Ford
Jane Hirshfield
Jeffrey Broadbent
Jenifer Hermes
Jenny Wunderly
Jesse Scarbrough
Jim Dreaver
Jim Hare
Joanna Bull
Joe and Karin Engum
John Dutchman
John Hsu - Alok
John Rauck
John Waggoner
Jonathan Joseph
Jose De los Heros
Joseph Galewsky
Judy Irving
Karen Hamilton
Katy Butler
Kaveh Moezzi
Keith Cowan
Keith Meyerhoff
Kenneth Knabb
Lara Summerville
Larry Zoglin
Leslie James
Lori & John Pickett
Louise Carvey
Lucie Morton Garret
Lynn Hennelly
Maj-Lis Bourner
Marblehead ZC
Margaret Denial
Mark Bittner
Mark Lewis
Matthew Titus-O'brien
Meg Gawler
Melissa Little
Melissa Savage
Michael Bourner
Michael Burdic
Michael Fliss
Michael Katz
Mt. Source Sangha
Norm Randolph
Ourania Marcandonatou
Paul Gardiner
Peter Coyote
Phillip Pang
Ramona Waymire
Raymond Sumser
Richard Jefferies
Rick Wicks
Robert Britton
Ron Buckstein
Samuel Bercholz
Scott Norwood
Seth Segall
Shambhal Sun
Shinshu Roberts
Silas Hoadley
Sophia Dillo
Stephen Mitchell
Stephen Nachmanovitch
Steve & Linda Cutts Weintraub
Steve Tipton
Susan Chadwick
The Chronicles of CTR
Tim Buckley
Tom Messmer
Trudy Hartman
Vanja Palmers
Zachary Brow

These names before the 4-11-12 PZI fundraising email going back a year or so, chronological, most recent first. Will try to include all generous contributors going back further in time but that will take time. Updated 8-28-12.

Thibaud Cluis, Clemens Krümmel, Judith Gilbert, Michael Katz, Kenji Muro, Daniel Hanke, Jenny Wunderly, Rick Levine, Yozo Novak, Danny Parker, Madeleine Landis, Keith Cowan, Alan Hawkins, Barbara Machtinger, Silas Hoadley

A million thanks, nine bows - to those who've donated time and money to keep this work going. - dc

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