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Crooked Cucumber Archives
on the life and teaching of Shunryu Suzuki
and those whose paths crossed his
PZI Appeal for Funds

2012 Do-it section with Goals - Support Statements - Budget - Contributors - What We're Doing and


The account for the Crooked Cucumber Archives will be administered by John Tarrant and Michael Katz.

David Chadwick April 2012 appeal for support.

6-04-12 - Write a grant proposal for the Crooked Cucumber Archives.

People are always telling me I should get a grant, often suggesting an NEH grant, for the work we do here, for the Crooked Cucumber Archives. I've looked into it, spent time on it, and it's possible yes. But it's not possible for me to do it. It's just too much. However, if you or someone you know, likes to write grant proposals, wants to write one for us, oh please let it be so. You or they could write the salary into the proposal. Need a job? Here it is. Thanks. - dc

4-16-12 - What We're Doing - since we're doing this fundraising drive for the Crooked Cucumber Archives which includes what you find here on cuke and and more, I thought I'd give a little running description of what I'm doing - more info than most would want - another example of cuke's Full Disclosure Policy.

4-15-12 - Sometimes gotta take it easy. So today just gonna write thank you notes to the generous folks who've sent support to the Crooked Cucumber Archives. Read all about it. And I think I'll make one of those thermometer like things to show how far we've gotten in reaching our goal. It will have an Antarctic look but we're not freezing to death. Thanks to all. - dc

3-29-12 - Right now seeking a special gift of $360 for one of two software programs [total needed $700] needed to work with Shunryu Suzuki audio to reduce noise and bring his voice out, make his lectures much easier to listen to, and in order to try to transcribe some untranscribed lectures in which it's too noisy and hard to understand what he's saying. Just mention "for software." The software will go to AW, an informal Zen student of Kwong Roshi's at Sonoma Mountain Zen Center who is living/working at the California Tendai Monastery on Cobb Mt. in California and who has been focusing on Shunryu Suzuki lecture audio file improvement for some time. He will need more support in the future but this will do for now to help him get to the next level. Of course any amount toward this goal would be appreciated. More details furnished upon request.  And just go to the DONATE page to make your generous contribution. - dc (reworded by AW from 3-19-12 appeal dc wrote)

Thoughts on cuke development.

Working on a fundraising letter and this page on cuke (nothing there yet but a skeleton) which will detail goals (as well as supporters and funding details) and more and more realizing that there's much more to do than I can do or that I'm going to do, and that volunteers and paid assistance are key to getting done what I want to get done with the Shunryu Suzuki archive. There are of course others like at the SFZC doing a lot of good work. And there are always people doing work that eventually ends up on cuke.  We're going to need more of that to get this living archive into more complete and better presented shape. So the results of work done with Suzuki lectures and the record of his life and those who knew him presented here and on is boosted greatly by contributions of time and money and what I get to at home and in work/practice retreats like I had in India last year February through April. - dc


I spend a lot of time working on all this stuff but I do have other pursuits. I like to write some on experiences and this and that not zenish per se, I'd like to do more music, going to Tassajara for the alumni retreat and sesshin at the end of April into May - that's 11 days - but I'll be doing a bit of interviewing and work on the archive there except during sesshin. Then Katrinka and I are going to take 11 days to drive to Crestone Colorado for Dan Welch's installation as abbot of Crestone Mt. ZC and Baker Roshi will step down as abbot. We plan to go through some places she's never seen: Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, maybe a little Monument Valley. Camping out. I'll be doing a couple of hours a day on cuke etc during that trip I would imagine. Like to keep up the daily posts. And maybe I can get Dan to cooperate with sharing his story with us. And maybe on one of these trips I'll pick up some support for the CCA. If you follow cuke, you'll have a pretty good idea what I'm up to. - dc

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