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Some Family Photos

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18-12-24 - Pic of Kelly and me Tassajara early 1974. I remember those clothes. That's Myphon Hunt behind. - thanks Jeff Sherman

10-12-18 - Posted the following on nonZense blog

Kelly my son's birthday was eight days ago and proper birthday greetings were delivered. Kelly my father's birthday is today and he would have been 114 had he not died when he was 53 in the wee hours of November 1st, 1956 which I've always thought of as Halloween. I'm most grateful to have had both Kellys in my life - both wise, both kind. (Susan, sister, has doubts that's our father. Maybe his brother John but I think it's him, just younger like early 1940s. Bet he's standing in front of our first home on Willing in Fort Worth. - DC

In the nature vs nurture tug of war, I think we overestimate the extent to which parents' nature or behavior shapes who we are and I also think we overestimate the extent to which our parents' genes contribute - though both I believe to be highly significant. I see karma as factored into both and sprouting out alone as well the soul's daemon with no apparent earthly cause.

Disclaimers: I do not have court admissible evidence to back up my point of view but then again I don't depend on it - however things are is hidden from view it seems and whatever is is okay with me. The word soul to me is just a place holder.

Top photo Kelly Chadwick 1946.
Bottom Photo Kelly Chadwick c2018

From left, Rachel (daughter) and Chris Whitson, top of triangle Diana, Dave and Shawn Whitson peeking out, center of triangle Rita, Clare, and Clay, the birthday trio.  And me on the right of course. Rita is 7 months pregnant and we are looking forward to the birth of little Lucia. GREAT to hang out with the Whitsons! Shawn’s husband was taking the picture. - Nov. or Dec. 2017


Clay and Kelly


Clay and Kelly in Spokane December 18, 2017

Elin and Clay Chadwick 2015 by Clare Whitson, Elin's mother

Elin and Clay Chadwick 2015 by Clare Whitson.


Found the photo below at

Title: Three generations of The Reich family
Three generations of family are represented here. Mrs. Reich is the mother of Mrs. Chadwick (left), Miss Reich (front) and Mrs. Pleger (right). Left to right, Mrs. Kelroy Chadwick, holding her son, David Reich; Mrs. B. C. Reich Junior, holding Susan Chadwick; Mrs. Karl G. Pleger, with her son, Karl, and daughter, Penelope, and Miss Eleanor Reich, front. The family members are seated on a couch. Published in the Fort Worth Star Telegram morning edition, May 13, 1945.
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