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Johanneshof--Baker-roshi's residential center in the Black Forest of Germany

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Johanneshof is a center of the Dharma-Sangha Europe, a community gathered around Zentatsu Baker-roshi, the Dharma-heir of Suzuki Shunryu-roshi. At the same time, it is a center open for all interested in Zen-Buddhist practice. The core of the practice is Zazen (sitting meditation) and mindfulness in everyday life. Residents and visitors alike follow a schedule which was developed from a traditional monastic schedule and adapted to the needs of a center in the West.

Johanneshof provides a range of possibilities for practice: sesshins (one-week-periods of intensive Zazen and silence), practice weeks (a mixture of Zazen, talks by Roshi about a Buddhist text and discussions), practice weekends (two days of Zazen), seminars (talks by Roshi), or just sharing the residents' everyday life.

With the purchase of the Johanneshof in 1996, a long-standing wish of a number of European lay-practitioners was fulfilled: the wish for a monastic center as a base, as a link between monastic - and lay-life, as a building for building a world of more wisdom and compassion, a more Buddhist world.

Through the spiritual guidance of Zentatsu Baker-roshi, the personal engagement of the two precious persons, Gisela and Gerald Weischede - pupils of Baker-roshi since 1986, both ordained -, and the help of many others, the vision of transforming one's life according to Zen-Buddhist teachings became more vivid, and found a concrete base in Johanneshof.

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