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Subject: The Heart Sutra & Compassionate Communication

ABSOLUTE TRUTH - RELATIVE REALITY - The Art of Compassionate Communication -

Finding Your Compassionate Heart with Paul Shippee

THE HEART SUTRA AND COMPASSIONATE COMMUNICATION With Paul Shippee November 9 / 7:00 pm - November 11 / 5:00 pm Madison Shambhala Center Madison, Wisconson To Register: Reply to paulshippee@fairpoint.net

--These two innovative weekend workshops are held to explore some specific impacts and details of two cultures meeting in these modern times.--


The Heart Sutra and Compassionate Communication seem to have a great deal to say to each other. Come learn and practice with heart this unique dialogue between East and West.

Paul Shippee has been a student of the Vidyadhara since 1971 and studied meditation with Suzuki Roshi for 4 years before that. Paul was a founding teacher at Naropa University. He has studied Psychology (Regis University), English Literature (San Francisco State University) and was a Contemplative Studies teacher at Boulder Graduate School.

He has attended a Non-Violent Communication (NVC) Workshop at Naropa U. with founder Marshall Rosenberg, has organized and led a NVC practice group in Crestone, Colorado, and is pleased to share his knowledge of this artful language of life.

This weekend workshop incorporates teachings from The Heart Sutra and principles of Compassionate Communication aka NVC.

Since compassion is said to be a natural result of the understanding or realization of emptiness, it is beneficial to present the helpful tools of Compassionate Communication to follow an in-depth examination of The Heart Sutra.

Investigating these aspects of the Two Truths (absolute and relative) seems important for realizing warmth and healthy communication in a buddhist sangha. Some would say this is ³the time of the sangha², a time for language and mindfulness to come together to create the wisdom and warmth of the community reality that we long for.

Practically speaking, the Compassionate Communication sessions will involve explanatory talks, meditation periods, guided interaction among participants, discussion groups, and real-life practice of the communication methods that work so well in these simple teachings.

TO REGISTER: http://boulder.shambhala.org Or mailto: paulshippee@fairpoint.net