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Magatta Kyuri
Japanese translation of Crooked Cucumber
by David Chadwick
translation by Sadayoshi Asaoka


の のページです

cuke = cucumber = kyuri

Magatta Kyuri no eigo no namae:

Crooked Cucumber: the Life and Zen Teaching of Shunryu Suzuki

Crooked Cucumber section in this website

Hoitsu Suzuki's Introduction English translation

Magatta Kyuri Amazon link

Magatta kyūri―Suzuki Shunryu no shōgai to zen no oshie

Samgha link for Magatta Kyuri

On the title, Magatta Kyuri and why that is used rather than hebo kyuri which is what we think he was actually called by his master Suzuki Gyokujun So-on.

Translated by Asaoka Sadayoshi.

English translation of Interview with Asaoka Sadayoshi
and two other former students of Shunryu Suzuki

More on him soon. - dc


Asaoka's translation was done for the family fifteen or more years ago. Kawashima Eisaku of Samgha edited the manuscript. Akiba Gengo, Fujita Issho, and Suzuki Hoitsu (Shunryu's son) went over the text carefully. This work was coordinated by Aragane Kaoru who consulted with me, David Chadwick, on various details. Thank you to this team! - DC




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