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                                             Climate Change species threat  thus a threat to Zen practice

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Saunters - 2013-14 trip notes
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4-16-14 - Miriam Bobkoff's blog of years is coming to and end.

Here's the home page.

Letter from Miriam about going to Sokoji in 1965.

For more on Miriam on cuke, put her name in the site search box above.

Adding to yesterday's post about Issho Fujita. The books he has translated are

Zen Keys by Thich Naht Hanh
Buddhism without beliefs by Stephen Batchelor
Feeling Buddha by David Brazier
Buddhist Psychology by Caroline Brazier
Emptiness and Brightness by Don Cupitt
Peaceful Action, Open Heart by Thich Naht Hanh

Issho Fujita suggested Crooked Cucumber to the publisher he works with but was told it's too long. A number of people have tried and failed to get it published. Fujita pointed out that Hoitsu Suzuki said it had been translated. I said yes, by an old student of Suzuki's who'd been asked by the family not to publish it after everyone who looked at the translation including Kaz Tanahashi and translator Shin Yoshifuku said it was not anywhere near publishable quality. It was useful for the family though who were grateful to be able to read it in that translation.

Created a cuke page for Issho Fujita

2013 Scans from Cuke Archives - Early ZC board and biz meeting notes with DC comments

69-11-01 - Long meeting, long notes. Lots of talk about SFZC students giving talks outside, bringing in more Japanese priests, outside lecturers and teachers, inviting Katagiri to stay. Marian Derby and Dick Baker talk about publishing (Zen Mind) Beginner's Mind book showing no disagreement, getting close to decision. Baker is in the states for a brief time from Japan where he was living. ZMBM published the following spring. Here's that discussion extracted to put in ZMBM section. Much more. Lots from Baker. Suzuki here and there. Getting ready to move into the Page Street building.

More James Lovelock on humans being too stupid to prevent climate change from the Guardian -   posted in Climate Change

Tom Lehrer, an article on Buzz Feed about the great satirical songwriter from the fifties and sixties. I had the Tom Lehrer Songbook in high school and can sing one of his songs from memory right now. OK. I missed a few words. Looked it up. Redid it. Tune approximately correct. - thanks M Katz

and this is M Katz's favorite and it is good advice for aspiring writers

I Hold Your Hand in Mine by Tom Lehrer sung acappella by DC

We're going soon to the Kyoto International Community House of KCIF, the Kyoto City International Foundation (Kyoto Kokai Koryu Kikan), for Japanese class. Katrinka will join a group class with multiple teachers who can deal with anyone at any level and I will meet with a woman in the coffee shop just to chat and ask questions.  - more in Saunters

4-15-14 - Yesterday posted about Zen Is Right Here now available in Japanese. I only learned about this because Issho Fujita got hold of me a few months ago with some questions concerning the translation. I thought he was the translator but he wrote me that the translator is "Toru Shimakage, the president of Sangha, a Buddhist publishing company, maybe the most active in publishing books on Buddhism in Japan now. I just did proof reading and editing. And I wrote a commentary on the significance of Suzuki Roshi in Zen in America." Fujita was the teacher at Pioneer Valley Zendo in MA for 17.5 years. He is now working at Soto Zen International Center located at Sokoji in San Francisco as Director, a position that requires him to travel a lot. He's in Buenas Aires today. He spends part time with his family in Hayama Japan near Kamakura in a beautiful estate with a zendo and traditional buildings in a natural setting bordered by a stream. He's done a lot of translating too. - dc

SFZC page for Issho Fujita

Here's a two year old article on Issho Fujita from the Japan Times.

2013 Scans from Cuke Archives. - H Group

Program notes for Stephan Truelove's CD Music Memoriam for Kobun Chino Otagawa Roshi

Rosa Gustaitus LA Times West Magazine March 9, 1969 article on Tassajara

The Dharma Teachers International Collaborative on Climate Change  - posted in Climate Change

There is so much more recycling now in Japan than when I was here over twenty years ago when there was no official recycling that I can remember and shocking waste. I've got to take the trash in a designated bag out to the designated spot across the street now. That's done Tuesday and Friday mornings. Can't put it out at night. Isn't much and I bet we can figure out how to reduce it more because there are official and private recycling, more than in the US. - more in Saunters

4-14-14 - Zen Is Right Here is now available in Japanese as Zen wa Ima Koko.

The whole name, with subtitle, in Japanese appears to be long like the American version. (Zen Is Right Here: Teaching Stories and Anecdotes of Shunryu Suzuki, Author of "Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind")

zen wa ima koko senkiyuuhiyakurokujiyuunendai amerika ni zen o hirometa suzuki shiyunriyuu no oshie to itsuwa (some weird romanization there maybe from translation software for web)

That translates as the Zen (is) Now Here: teaching of Shunryu Suzuki (who) spread Zen in Sixties America anecdotes

Here's a link to a page for the book on Yes Asia.

Zen Is Right Here page on cuke.

2013 Scans from Cuke Archives - Ananda Claude Dalenberg's  Newsletters

Universal Life Friends issue 5 - 1982

Ananda Claude Dalenberg cuke page

Breaking these scans down to the individual issues.

Michael Shuman's Commentary on Community Economics  caught my attention. Especially found this interesting: My Nominee for the Next Nobel Prize in Economics - DC - posted in Engaged Buddhism/Current Events

We got plenty of cherry blossoms in Tokyo, Kamakura, and Gifu, but were warned that they'd be gone when we got to Kyoto. First day in Kyoto we walked in Cherry blossom snow down the Tetsugaku no Michi, the Philosopher's Path. But yesterday there were still trees at the Imperial Palace and elsewhere whose blooms hadn't fallen. Weather is mild. We arrived at the perfect time.   - posted in Saunters

Cool - today is 41414.

4-13-14 - 2013 Scans from Cuke Archives - Wind Bells, publication of the SFZC -  
Volume XXXVII-1 - 2003

We should give up trying to save the world from climate change, says James Lovelock.  - posted in Climate Change

Happened to learn about and get into the Kyoto Imperial Palace on the last of five open to the public free days. Never been there. There's so much to see here could take Katrinka for two months only to places I've never been.   - posted in Saunters

4-12-14 - David Loy and John Tarrant will be at the Rockridge Meditation Community in Oakland, CA, Monday night. The Rockridge teacher is David Weinstein.

View more on this event here.

John Tarrant is the head teacher of the Pacific Zen Institute in Santa Rosa, CA.

David Loy website

2013 Scans from Cuke Archives - Early ZC board and biz meeting notes with DC comments

69-09-09 - Nice and short. Nothing special.

A bus to nowhere, suggested by M Katz who writes: Heard this on my car radio and thought it the best description of Zen I've ever heard. It's about a 15-minute sound clip.I'm building a bus stop for myself. 

Bought some excellent cue tip type ear swabs in Kamakura, just what I've always wished they were like - fatter at the end and not on a sharp stick that the end comes off of. The rest of Asia so far I've only seen them with tips smaller that the US though those tips don't come off. Most pleased. - posted in Saunters

Crooked Cucumber: the Life and Zen Teaching of Shunryu Suzuki -

Part Two - America - 1959–1971 - Chapter Seventeen --  One and Many ---- 1969-1970

 - with a column for notes and links to come on the right

4-11-14  -  Daya Goldschlag (dc 1st ex) writes about Mitsu Suzuki after reading posts on DC visit with her in Saunters.


First night in Kyoto shopped at a large supermarket (don't remember anything that big from before). Then on the way home walked up to an organic vegan restaurant where we at great food and met three cool dudes. - more in Saunters

You may want to join the Years of Living Dangerously watch party for Episode One. It's a Showtime series on climate change. Looks good.  - posted in Climate Change


The Grand Rapids Lip-dub Video was filmed May 22,  2011 as an official response to the Newsweek article calling Grand Rapids a ‘dying city.' 


4-10-14 - Heirs To Ambedkar: The Rebirth of Engaged Buddhism in India - Alan Senauke's new book. More about it.  - posted in Engaged Buddhism/Current Events

Alan Senauke cuke page

2013 Scans from Cuke Archives. - H Group

Nona Ransom notes (some in her hand) - Nona Ransom cuke page

Notes on Richard Baker, Shunryu Suzuki, Ananda Claude Dalenberg

Japan update - Arrived her with Katrinka April 2nd late.   - more in Saunters

4-09-14 - Call climate change what it is: violence - thanks Taigen Dan Leighton (Rebecca is a Zenni)  - posted in Climate Change

Wrote a note to Kelly about his painful sting from a stonefish in 1988 in Japan.   - more in Saunters

2013 Scans from Cuke Archives - Ananda Claude Dalenberg's  Newsletters

Universal Life Friends issue 4 - 1982

Ananda Claude Dalenberg cuke page

4-08-14 - Shunryu Suzuki's widow, Mitsu Suzuki, showed me how she could see Mt. Fuji, Fuji San, from her window.  - more in Saunters

Mitsu Suzuki page

2013 Scans from Cuke Archives - Ananda Claude Dalenberg's  Newsletters

Universal Life Friends issue 3 - 1982

Ananda Claude Dalenberg cuke page

4-07-14 - 2013 Scans from Cuke Archives - Wind Bells, publication of the SFZC -  
Volume XXXVI-2 - fall, winter, 2002

Spent the night at Rinsoin, Shunryu Suzuki's home temple, and sat zazen this morning with his son the present abbot, Hoitsu, and Hoitsu's son Shungo, also a priest and next in line, and some men from Yaizu. After breakfast and laundry, Katrinka and I visited with Mitsu Suzuki, Shunryu's widow, and she gave me a copy of her new collection of haiku, A White Tea Bowl: 100 Haiku from 100 Years of Life - edited by Kazuaki Tanahashi, translated by Kate McCandless, introduction by Norman Fischer. - Amazon link

SFZC event: A White Tea Bowl: A Book Event Celebrating Mitsu Suzuki Sensei’s 100th Birthday

Mitsu's 100th birthday is coming up on the 26th of this month and she's doing great, quite energetic, walking well, was quite affectionate, hugging me repeatedly. Most touching.

Hoitsu's wife Chitose drove us to Mitsu's. Also there were Mitsu's daughter Harumi and Hoitsu's sister-in-law, Mitsuyo, who is visiting from San Francisco.

Hoitsu is now the Seido of a practice temple in Okayama where he's leading a one week sesshin this month and going there for a week every month. He'll also spend a week at Eiheiji later this month.

Mitsu Suzuki page --- Hoitsu Suzuki page  - posted in Saunters and Sangha News

Information Clearinghouse - Eric Arnow's favorite news site  - posted in Engaged Buddhism/Current Events and Eric's cuke page

4-06-14 - Peter Matthiessen has died. - thanks Brit Pyland

NY Times

SF Gate



Peter Matthiessen’s Homegoing - NY Times Magazine - thanks Doug McKechnie


Peter and his wife who died soon after, Deborah, were at Tassajara with Suzuki Roshi and the rest of us for a while. He became a priest in Maezumi's White Plum Asanga. I loved his At Play in the Fields of the Lord. He gave 1st wife Daya (Dianne) and me The Tree Where Man Was Born for a wedding present. The cuke bibliography, lists his book, Nine-Headed Dragon River:Zen Journals 1969 - 1982 with the following: "Matthiessen's path includes a bit of Suzuki, more background accounts of Soen Nakagawa, Yasutani, and Eido Shimano Roshis." He was helpful to me over the phone with research on Crooked Cucumber and sent this blurb. He's been a diligent, articulate trooper for harm reduction. - DC


Danny Parker Seeks help collecting material for book of Ed Brown's talks and more. Read on and help him.


Lots of cherry blossoms. Clear view of snow covered Mt. Fuji snow covered, clear sky. - posted in Saunters

4-05-14 - 2013 Scans from Cuke Archives. - H Group

Wesley Williams 1974 letter to the SFZC on Shurnyu Suzuki, having read ZMBM.

1994 anti nuclear power painting by Mayumi Oda, co-founder of Plutonium Free Future with Kazuaki Tanahashi.

Crooked Cucumber: the Life and Zen Teaching of Shunryu Suzuki -

Part Two - America - 1959–1971 - Chapter Sixteen --  The City ---- 1968-1969

 - with a column for notes and links to come on the right

Check out Sudo Yuko dot com, the website for the professional photography of a kind young woman named Yuko helped me find an ATM in Kamamkura where my debit card would work. She saw I was having trouble and went way out of her way for Katrinka and me.  - more in Saunters

4-04-14 - 2013 Scans from Cuke Archives - Ananda Claude Dalenberg's  Newsletters

Universal Life Friends issue 2 - 1982

Ananda Claude Dalenberg cuke page

Met with Ursula Okle and Rainer Holdt of Sanbo Zen (formerly Sanbo Kyodan but Kyodan became a bad word because the group that poisoned people on the subways ten years ago were a kyodan which is just a word for group). Walked with them from the Kamakura train station to the beach and then to the zendo where we joined others for the evening sitting. This is the zendo where Yasutani Haku'un and his heir Yamada Koun sat and taught and from which so much Zen in the west has sprung including more than what they include on their website. - dc   - posted in Saunters

4-03-14 -  After posting yesterday's article by Rger Angell in miscellaneous, looked down and was reminded of last year's 10-13 Pseudo Dionysius post and thought it deserved a more prominent place and so, as a small step in the overhaul of this site's presentation and organization, am adding the book to the bibliography and the excerpt to the Excerpts section. This is early Christian Heart Sutra.

2013 Scans from Cuke Archives - Wind Bells, publication of the SFZC -  
Volume XXXVI-1 - spring, summer, 2002

Landed at Haneda, the old Tokyo airport last night, to learn that one of our three bags didn't make it from Singapore where we'd changed planes. It was Katrinka's. It arrived this morning at the funky hostel type yet clean place where we stayed but we didn't know it because I'd walked out to the big street to meet the delivery van thinking they'd never find the little out of the way place were we were. Meanwhile the delivery vehicle came in behind me. For a while we thought it was lost but found it in the caretaker's office. He didn't know whom it was for. I had to climb in through a window to get it. For about an hour we thought it had been handed to "a foreign woman" who'd run off with it. A nice Indian woman who lives there said oh that's the young long-haired Chinese man who lives in the room marked office. So after an hour of confused drama we made our noon appointment which I'll mention tomorrow. - DC    - posted in Saunters

4-02-14 - 2013 Scans from Cuke Archives - Wind Bells, publication of the SFZC -  
Volume XXXV-2 - fall, winter, 2001

People in the West frequently mention sex, sex tours, illegal sex, sex biz when they think of Thailand. That only came up a few times obliquely on our three weeks there. - posted in Saunters

THIS OLD MAN - Life in the nineties BY  in the New Yorker. Posted in  miscellaneous.

4-01-14 - There is hope for us all

Sorry to miss another St. Stupid's Day Parade in SF.

2013 Scans from Cuke Archives - Ananda Claude Dalenberg's  Newsletters

They're all there now from the Universal Life Friends issue 1 - 1982

to Zen Freethinker Issue 36 - 1991

44 in all from 1982 to 1991 (6 missing)

The middle 32 are named Cloud Hidden Friends

Ananda Claude Dalenberg cuke page

We just got a lot of dental work done in Thailand far cheaper than the US. Recommend the Seventh Day Adventist Mission Hospital for that and other medical needs. India was good too and much cheaper. When I write good, I mean excellent - both countries - but not all experiences are as good as ours. My dentist in Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu India had digital ex-rays which I'm sorry Mission Hospital doesn't have. Dr. Goffman warned us.   - posted in Saunters

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