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It Happened Again!
by Barton Stone
received 1-24-08

It happened again this morning!

Did you see it?

All of northern California swung around so that it was facing toward the bright sun.

We were so excited.

We stood in its warm light and felt its flooding energy even through our clothes.

Out the kitchen door the tall trees stood still and let themselves bathe in its brightness.

Below their high branches silver green huckleberry bushes pumped so much oxygen you could almost see it rise around them.

Colors everywhere intensified and changed as surface wetness evaporated.

In the valley below us, the upper layers of fog became so illuminated that they shone as if the light was inside them.

And indeed, it may have been.

It seemed that the land itself, and we too, dropped our busy purpose for a time,

Grateful to be in on this luminous event.

Raptly we could sense the movement of blood, water, and sap carrying brightness to dark and remote parts of ourselves.

Bones began to warm.

Shoulders relaxed.

It could have been an ordinary day.

If we wanted.

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