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Barton Stone

Cuke Podcast with Barton 🔊 - August 2020

1996 Interview with Barton

Poems by Barton

Art and Bart - a chapter cut from Crooked Cucumber

A memorial tree planting for Alan Stone

The Buddhamama Burl

Barton's notes on the 2006 carboard zendo at burning man

The photo and the following text from the Stone Creek Zendo website

Myozen Barton Stone is a priest at Stone Creek Zen Center in Graton, CA, where he was ordained by Jisho Warner Roshi in 2010.  He was drawn to Zen Buddhism in the 1960’s, and came to San Francisco where he practiced with Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, founder of San Francisco Zen Center.  He lived at Green Gulch Farm for four years.  He and his wife have four rural acres near Sebastopol, CA, where they tend vegetables, fruits, and flowers, and promote the beneficial interaction of all beings.

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