Upasama (formerly Reuven be Yuhmin)
AKA Roovane, Reuven Ben Yuhmin, born Robert Front

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Upasama (formerly Reuven be Yuhmin) was a student of Shunryu Suzuki, a great gardener at Tassajara , who's been living in Bodhinya, a Theravada monastery near Perth, Australia, since about 2012.

cuke interview with Reuven

Reuven (Roovane) Ben Yuhmin, Robert Front, has a segment in this 2017 video called Spiritual Journeys of Monks - at 33:40. Reuven went in 2010 to Western Australia to enter a Theravada monastery near Perth. In the video a daughter in a Theravada nunnery near there. - thanks Koji Acquaviva Dreher

Reuven wrote on June 15, 2010: I will be going in a few days for six months to Bodhinyana Monastery in Australia as an anagarika and then, if all goes well, will ordain as a novice Bhikkhu next Rain's Retreat.

The Wholey Words by Reuven

Reuven was the impetustor behind the 100 year Shunryu Suzuki Birthday Bash.

It took Reuven Ben Yuhmin, Robert Front, who's living in Taiwan, to come up with the idea to have this hundredth anniversary. He started lobbying for it a while back. - DC, from a report on Shunryu Suzuki archiving for the Wind Bell, vol.38, no. 2, fall 2004

Reuvane is also in two photos in the Shuunryu Suzuki photo archive
SR0090 and SR0336

2-13-05 - I started looking at some of the photos of the Shunryu Suzuki 100th birthday bash that Roovane Ben Yumin (the zoomin') so thoughtfully put on Shutterfy.  Check 'em out again - Nope, that link doesn't work anymore. I think we got the photos somewhere. - DC, 9-18)

Heck. There are no names or almost no names to go with the photos. What happened Roovane? - that's the old spelling. He uses Reuven now I think. I sent him a list with the names. Most of them. I was looking at them to put with interviews. I got to get these all on cuke.com with the names. I'd make a note but there are notes everywhere. Oh well - I wrote a note on the whiteboard to the left. So much to do, so few white board markers. (from DC Misc)

9-28-07 - Myanmar soldiers attack Buddhist Monks. The latest from the US Campaign for Burma. Reuven passes on this link to Avaaz with their efforts to stand with the Burmese protesters. And, thanks to, swallowing, President Bush for focusing on these events. (from Current Events/Engaged)

Reuven has a photo and note on Anapurna's memorial page

from Sangha News

12-22-05 - Reuven BenYuhmin sends Holliday greetings.
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Reuven adds:

Been doing poetry podcasts for several months. Let me know what you think.<robert@mgt.ncu.edu.tw>

There's a mudra of dharma, a forest of the divine, an eyeful of eros, & an empty bowl of raw green inspiration.

The following links are dead now. I've got Reuven's podcasts and hope to get them up here someday. - DC, Sept, 2018 in Bali so don't know when

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