Therese Fitzgerald

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Therese Fitzgerald trained at San Francisco and Tassajara Mountain Zen Centers from 1976 - 1984, including two years in training with author and mentor, Nancy Wilson Ross. She and beloved Dharma sister, Miriam Bobkoff, were ordained by Richard Baker-roshi as Zen priests in ’86.

Then Therese trained with the Ven. Thich Nhat Hanh and was ordained by him as a Dharmacharya in 1994. With her husband, Arnie Kotler, she co-founded Community of Mindful Living which helped build Thich Nhat Hanh’s teaching base in the United States, and, with the leadership of Maxine Hong Kingston, helped establish the Veterans Writing Group, which continues strong to this day. Therese and Arnie moved from the Bay Area to Hawaii Island to help start a retreat center there. Therese also served for six years as consultant and director of Ala Kukui Hana Retreat on Maui.

For the last thirty years, Therese has given meditation and mindfulness retreats throughout the United States, participated in prison ministry, and developed a “Dharma Mentoring” program. Therese is now a hospice chaplain, profoundly honored to support people of all backgrounds and tendencies at the end of their lives.


Yosemite, 1984

Tassajara, 1978