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Stephen Frost

Steve Frost with his paintings 2017

The Reverend Stephen Frost Ph.D.  

My first formal exposure to Buddhism started with attendance at teachings and Zazen led by Ven. Shinzen Young at the Vietnamese Buddhist Meditation Center in Los Angeles.
I was a Roman Catholic Seminarian at St. John's Seminary in Camarillo, Ca. at the time and was allowed this independent study project along with the full seminary course of study in preparation for ordination to the Roman Catholic Priesthood in 1984.  That was the beginning of a remarkable streak of good fortune in the high quality of Buddhist teachers and fellow seekers.  This included studies with Tibetan Buddhist teachers in India such as Paltrul Rimpoche, Abbot at the Nyngmapa Buddhist Ling near Dehra Dunn, Uttar Pradesh.  In Berkeley, I came under the influence of an excellent professor of highest regard, Dr. Lewis Lancaster.  It was Dr. Lancaster who introduced me to David Chadwick now so many years ago.  
Since my path as a Catholic priest has taken me in other directions, David seems to be the grand finale of my Buddhist explorations.  He lives up to his fine calling with a true dedication to his illustrious teacher and rugged determination in both his religious practice and its life-changing potential. 



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