Daya (Dianne) Goldschlag

My first wife, mother of Kelly, still a good friend, a great Masseuse living in Spokane WA.--DC

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Sept. 2020 - very long. Includes talking about Pentagon arrest - and a great deal more.

Interview wih Daya Goldschlag - October 17, 1995

Dianne Goldschlag being arrested below.

That's my mom on the left being carried into the police bus. 1967 New York Post. She was 20 years old. - Kelly Chadwick

Wow thanks Kelly. She told me her parents who had no idea she was doing that recognized her in the paper the next morning.

She says this was in New York City. Then, a week or so later she was again arrested in Washington DC at the Levitation of the Pentagon, one of the great protest events against the Vietnam War. October 21, 1967. Read about it here in Smithsonian Magazine. She was uncooperative. One of the last holdouts. Was force-fed

I wrote Daya and said I assumed that was DC cause Spoke was arrested and she wrote back:

Well Spock would have been arrested for the anti-vietnam protest in Manhattan that i was arrested for .  And then, like me arrested again in WA. D.C.

It did make me pause and wonder if that photo was from the D.C. arrest but i'm pretty sure that photo was from the NY Post, the newspaper my parents got and that it was from the NYC protest.
Darlene has talked about this in her lectures:  One of the cops who was carrying me complained to the other cop that he had a bad back and this was not good for it.  So when it was time for me to be carried out of the bus, I said i would walk as i didn't want to hurt his back further.  Because of that he did not offer evidence against me in court.  Possibly partially because of that and maybe also becuse i looked so young, the judge begged me to plead guilty as he did not want to send me to this awful women's prison (Rikers I think) so i did and he let me off.  I didn't go to prison till D.C.

See the film clip from Tassajara in 1970 with her hitting the densho (bell) while Shunryu Suzuki enters the zendo for service.

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10-16-15 - Daya Baseball champ!

Daya and Darlene Cohen did workshops together for years.

Daya Goldschlag, CMT, a body-worker, movement teacher and encourager of meditation practice in Spokane, WA. She is a student of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi and lived at Tassajara. She has studied Zen meditation since 1968.
Darlene's website from which I got the above photo.