Tracy McCallum

Tracy died on June 12, 2023 - RIP Tracy

I'm one of those people who, though I didn't study formally with Suzuki Roshi, I had some contact with him in the 60s but feel that he permanently changed and influenced my life more than probably any other person has.

Cuke Podcast with Tracy McCallum 🔊

Tracy practiced at Sokoji back in 65 or so. He was a good friend of Tim Buckley. I first met him in 1967 at Tassajara where he went to visit Tim and check the place out. He was married to early Shurnyu Suzuki student Fran Keller. They lived in Taos. I would visit them when I passed through. Stayed with them once. They broke up and then I'd visit them seperately when I passed through. He studied with Pat Hawk of the Mt. Cloud Zen Center in Santa Fe for years. - dc

In recent years he's practiced with the NO (North Olympic) Sangha in Port Angeles, WA. (Diamond Sangha/Robert Aitken lineage)from Tracy's page in

Narrative Magazine:where there's a link to a story he wrote.

Tracy McCallum is the author of the poetry collection Fast Associations, winner of the Plumbers Ink Poetry Prize. He served as a librarian in Taos, New Mexico, for twenty-four years and lives in Port Angeles, Washington, where he also paints and turns wooden bowls.

Emails from Tracy in 2013 telling his wayseeking mind story

Tracy passed away peacefully.  He was a good friend and a mentor to me in our Zen Sangha.  I will miss him deeply.  - Carl Kakuzen Mountain

A poem for Tracy and Tim Buckley by John Balaban

Tracy on the left after his jukai, lay ordination, with Pat Hawk.


Tim Buckley and Tracy McCallum outside Taos - taken by John Balaban