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Lloyd Reynolds

Lloyd Reynolds felt great kinship for SFZC.  He was very fond of Suzuki-roshi.  After a lecture at Reed by Joshu Sasaki-roshi I asked Lloyd how he liked it.  He said "oh it was wonderful, but I especially like our Suzuki-roshi".  He met with Suzuki-roshi at least once that I know of (mighta been at Bush St I'm thinking).  Lloyd mentioned Roweena Leary & S-R responds by imitating the gesture of Sumi painting, miming the brush/ink/paper.  Roweena was a student of both men.

Lloyd asked if it's "growing fast enough", referring to Zen in America.  S-R gestured and said "Too fast!"
After the Mtn Seat Ceremony for Richard Baker during Fall '71 Lloyd wrote me in a letter to "give Baker my congratulations".  Lloyd had been an important teacher and/or friend to Phil Whalen, Gary Snyder, Lew Welch.  His friends and/or local cultural influences included John Cage, Lou Harrison, Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, Wayne Morse, Paul Robeson.  I think of Lloyd as having anchored a great American pre-Buddhist lineage.
After I listen to the lecture maybe I'll think of more "basic info intro". - Rick Levine ---

[Roweena Pattee Kryder]

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Lloyd Reynolds talk at the SFZC's City Center - Thanks to Rick Levine for sending the tape from which came this audio file with noise reduction that makes it easier to understand but also makes it a little weird sounding. - dc

Autobiographical Notes

The Dance of the Pen by Lloyd Reynolds - from Reed Magazine

The Calligraphy Heritage of Reed

On YouTube writing

Oregon Cultural Heritage Commision site page for LR

An example

Lloyd Reynolds calligraphed the credits for the 1969 KQED movie on Zen Center. See it at

6-30-14 - More from Rick Levine on Lloyd Reynolds


Lloyd's first visit to SFZC took place during Fall of '69 (I'm pretty sure...) when he visited with Suzuki-roshi at Bush Street and then went to Tassajara where he gave a lecture in the dining room.  (Great to see the calendar entry you attached I think in a note to Patrick).   Then he visited again, I think it was 1970, after the ZC moved to its current location at 300 Page St in SF.  He stayed at the Manx Hotel downtown.  I think it was I who taped the lecture-demonstration he gave, which would have been in the large dining room, but it could be that someone else taped it as a favor to me (I don't have a dependable memory as to whether I was there or not at the time but I would have been most interested).  In any case I had the cassette tape for all these years and passed it on to David Chadwick at some point.  If you go to David's website ( and type in "Lloyd Reynolds" in the search function you will find that recording in toto (and some other items that might interest you).  Also if you type in my name ("Rick Levine") you'll find, among other things, a pdf of a letter I wrote to David back in 1999--on page 8 of that handwritten letter I wrote a couple of memories of Lloyd.


There's also the fairly long transcript of an Oral History interview on "Reed and Buddhism", or something like that.  Patrick and I both talk about Lloyd at some length there.


It's gratifying to learn about the Calligraphy Initiative and your work in preserving/reviving Lloyd's legacy.  If I can be of help let me know. 

very good wishes,

Rick Levine


Rick's note was in response to me, DC, sending this note:


Would you respond to this? I'll let him know about what's on cuke and the KQED movie.


and forwarding this email:


 Wed, 30 Oct 2013 09:14:58 -0700 From:     Gregory MacNaughton


Greetings,  I have recently read the transcript of a short film about Suzuki Roshi and the SF Zen Center which contains a link to view the film "Zen Mountain Center, a KQED film."  The link leads to your email suggesting that permission to view the film may be obtained from you.  My interest is really in the fact that Lloyd Reynolds of Reed College is credited with the graphic design of the film. As I am partially responsible for reviving the Reynolds legacy and restoring the practice of calligraphy on the Reed campus this is of great interest to me.  Any other information you might have about Reynolds and Zen Center would be of further interest. For example, while visiting the Harrison Collection at the SF Public Library, I recently looked at calligraphy demonstration sheets Reynolds made while teaching calligraphy at the Zen Center in the early 1970s. I would love to know more about this visit.  Many thanks,  Gregory  --  Gregory MacNaughton Education Outreach and Calligraphy Initiative Coordinator Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery Reed College


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