Joshu Sasaki

7-31-14 - Joshu Sasaki dies at 107 on July 27th - Huff Post - thanks Howie Klein

LA Times another LA Times and Shambala Sun and Sweeping Zen

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Sasaki Archives

Rinzai-ji (formerly Cimarron Zen Center)

Mt. Baldy ZC

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Everyone's talking about his advances on female students. An excellent article on that from one of his closest disciples on Sweeping Zen.

1969 interview with Joshu Sasaki by Bob Halpern and DC at his Cimarron (sp?) Zen Center in LA. Present also were DC's sister Susan Chadwick, translators James Yamamoto and George Stamicci (sp?). PDF - Last page(s) missing.

DC on meeting Joshu Sasaki

I have always thought that it was I who asked the first two questions but in the transcription the questioner is identified as Bob Halpern. In fact I'd initially thought of myself as the only interviewer. Not at all. Bob and I were close. Memory moves. Ego. Maybe it was Bob and not me who said it was for the Wind Bell. We were both nervy but he was nervier and more in your face.

Love the way Sasaki speaks affectionately about hippies. Like his attitude in general. Lack of ambition or complicated plans. He and Suzuki have many differences but there is a lot of overlap as well.