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 David Silva

Interview with David Silva

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David Silva Photography - his website

David Silva's Flickr Photostream

4-17-13 - David Silva Art Exhibit: A Sacred Landscape: Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal, at the SFZC City Center 5/1 - 5/31/13

10-12 - Visit to Sauk Mountain - by David Silva

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David has studied with Adyashanti. Check him out - he's great.

David and Linda's 2007 holiday card

Philip Whalen celebration announcement - 5-08

From the About/Contact page of David's website

I can trace back my first intimate experience with the natural world to living at the foot of Mount Tamalapias at the age six. There was really nothing between me and the mountain, and it was literally my backyard, where I would spend the day exploring. Since then hiking, camping, traveling and exploring the world of nature has been pretty much a spiritual practice. It is where I find solace, wisdom, renewal, source and answers. And foremost, where I connect with beauty, which along with love, is the foundation of our world.

Through much of my explorations, I attempted to document these travels through photography. It has only been since 2002, when I acquired my first digital camera, that I felt I began creating images that were of a quality that I could share more widely. With increased technology and skill, and the encouragement of friends, I eventually took steps into public shows, a book and this website.

Since I have had the opportunity, interest and ability to travel into many areas of beauty, I feel I have an obligation to share these journeys with as large an audience as possible. I hope you enjoy these travels with me, and stay in touch with this website.

All images are available for sale, 8X10 or 11X14; and as photo cards. Calendars are also available. See the calendar tab for examples. Best to contact me by Oct. 1 to ensure I get them to you in time for the new year, but later could work, too.

To view more of my photos

Always feel free to contact me.

David Silva was born in San Francisco, California, and has spent his entire life living in Central Coastal California. After completing three years of undergraduate work in the study of Forestry, in 1970 he began to the study Zen Buddhism, practicing with Jean Ross-sensei, Katageri-roshi and Zentatsu Richard Baker-roshi. In 1979 he returned to school, and received has Masters in Clinical Psychology in 1983. He devoted the next 25 years to working in the field of non-profit social services, primarily working with low-income disabled adults and seniors. Since his retirement in 2007 he has concentrated his attention on photography. He is married and has one daughter and grandson. He lives in Oakland, California, but can more often be found hiking a mountain trail.

"Although we say that mountains belong to the country, actually they belong to those who love them." Dogen Zenji, Mountain and Rivers Sutra

"I am content. The great stillness of these landscapes seeps into me day by day, and with it, the unreasonable feeling that I have found what I was searching for without ever having discovered what it was." Peter Matthiessen

‘"The point is to look properly. See the colors: white, black, blue, yellow, red, green, purple. Look. This is your world! There is no other world. This is your world; it is your feast. You inherited this world of color. Look at the greatness of the whole thing. Don’t hesitate! Open your eyes." Chogyam Trungpa Ripoche

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