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2-23-17 -Summary of what John's up to

Lots to say about our work:

A few bullet points:

• We did an online Citizens Summit last summer

• We did a smaller one in Utah right after the election

• The Bridge Alliance is cooking

• Some good collective impact projects in process.

• I’m still holding the following…

Sending blessings and love,


HASHTAG CAMPAIGN — Toward a  Transpartisan, Citizen Movement


To activate an already nascent transpartisan/allsides constituency, citizen movement (a third side) — country before party/ideology —  that is strong enough to

• Elect collaborative leaders, who pledge and are held accountable to work together to solve the great challenges we face as a nation (and a world); e.g. Transpartisan, D’s, R’s, I’s, etc

• Lobby to pass common  good legislation where a strong majority of Americans are in favor of resolving an issue:

* structural issues such as money in politics, redistricting, open primaries/rank choice voting, etc. 

* gun safety, social security, immigration, etc.

• Support existing, national Left/Right coalitions and catalyze new ones. 

• Invite many of us to get to each other as Americans. We know how and are learning how to come together as Americans from all sides. Now we can do it at scale, by using our public libraries, places of worship, and other public, private and online spaces where democracy can find places to sit down.

• Bring values of generosity, kindness, love, caring — heart politics —to the “political" table while embracing traditional values of respect, honoring, family and character.


• Our colleague, Brian Clancy, of Big Tent Nation says it well: “ the need [is] for an authentic new path in American politics. Lunging from right to left and now left to right is what we've been doing for many years now -- the very period in which the American Dream has dangerously eroded.  The big challenges fracturing our nation remain beyond the capacity of any one side to resolve unilaterally [and sustainably]. 

• There’s not as much difference between red and blue states as meets the eye (Steven Kull —

• If the polarity is between Americans who want to work together/collaborate — integrating liberal and conservative values — and those who don’t or aren’t ready, this movement is an invitation for all who choose to come together  (listen/talk/act with civility, respect, dignity, equity, justice, collaboration, inclusion) at whatever level and time frame are available. A  willingness to find agreement on values, facts/evidence, and “truth” while disagreeing agreeably.

• The need for serious polling to show how deep and how broad this new constituency/third side might be. 


• Agree on a hashtag and social media campaign to see if it finds traction as a big tent for the movement — a la #BlacklLvesMatter, #GivingTuesday, #, etc.

* Create a process to go to consensus, or at least “good enough”, by reaching out to a number of organizations and individuals

* A beginning set of choices to be added to:

— #AllSidesTogether



—#AmericansComingTogether (ACT) 




—#I’mWithUs (may already be used)






* Invite members of the Bridge Alliance and others to put the hashtag on their websites

• Create a simple website or use existing site to act as a portal to invite people initially to the Bridge Alliance organizations and activities and then more broadly.

• Hire a small staff

John Steiner bottom right in kitchen crew at Tassajara in 1976



John Steiner on right. Ram Dass below.