Jordan Thorn

Jordan Thorn


Shokan Jordan Thorn’s Funeral

Zoketsu Norman Fischer will officiate for Shokan Jordan Thorn’s funeral on Sunday, August 5 at 10 am.

The ceremony will be held in the Buddha Hall at San Francisco Zen Center, 300 Page Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

For practical queries, call the Front Office at 415-863-3136.

from SFZC Great Leap page

Program for Jordan's funeral ceremony

at Greens

Jordan at Greens Restaurant - photo by Shundo David Haye


Jordan died on the morning of June 10th at the SFZC City Center.

Posted the following day on What's New: Dear friend, none closer at the Zen Center, Jordan died yesterday, Sunday morning. He'd been told not that long ago his cancer was gone but then it came back and it didn't take long. Sadness. - DC

6-14-18 - People sat with Jordan's body until around 11:00am on Monday. They lined the staircase and sidewalk and rose petals were tossed as he was brought down to be taken to the crematorium. Today, Thursday, is the cremation.

 SFZC Sangha News sent this:

Shokan Jordan Thorn:

January 13, 1953 – June 10, 2018


With great sorrow, we announce the passing away of Shokan Jordan Thorn. Jordan was a constant warm presence at San Francisco Zen Center, welcoming and caring for students, staff and employees, visitors and Board members, and overseeing many areas of SF Zen Center practice and administrative operations. There will be more information and a posting on our Great Leap blog soon.


We take refuge in Buddha, we take refuge in Dharma, we take refuge in Sangha.


Oak Street Zendo half day sitting on June 30 invite with a link to an inspiring talk by Jordan
 - thanks Peter van der Sterre who wrote:

Earlier this week I was sent a link to Jordan's last Dharma talk at ZC in March. I was so pleased and impressed by his words.


Got photo up top from the SFZC Facebook page. - Link to that post with many comments below
Thumbnail below includes death announcement

Jordan Thorn SFZC Facebook death announce click to enlarge

My post on Facebook announcing Jordan's passing with 95 responses in a couple of days.

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From Jordan's page on the SFZC site

Jordan Thorn SFZC site

JordanFrom Jordan's Facebook page which contains nothing. How Zen Jordan!





Spring 1995 Wind bell - looks like a painting

Jordan in Wind Bell

Summer 1996 Wind Bell

Jordan in Wind Bell

2006 Wind Bell

Lay Initiation


Jordan in robe


My zen teacher and very dear friend, Jordan Thorn, died on Sunday. He was one of the kindest and most generous people I have ever met. And that laugh of his!!! I deeply treasure our 7 years together — so many precious memories and teachings that will continue to guide me (and many other folks) forever. So much love and gratitude. I love and miss you Jordan - Clare Hollander posted on Facebook June 13, 2018 with photo of Jordan below. Clare kept me informed about Jordan for years, sending little messages at times. - dc

Jordan smiling in robes

at an office party

AT an office party, Treasury office I assume. Sent by Clare Hollander.


Thanks Clare Hollander for this photo