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Brian Unger

The Rincon Notebooks cover3-14-18 - Brian has a new book out - the Rincon Notebooks.

              Read an excerpt from the book

3-22-02 - Brian on Philip Whalen

8-15-15 - Brian Unger sends this news from Missing Links Press including an announcement that his illustrated novel, San Sebastian, will be out soon. 

5-05-08 - Brian UngerOn Zen Monster by Brian Unger

4-6-12 - Zen-Lampe: "We are Rebels" - Interview with Brian Unger, editor and ...


8-25-03Fighting Unger - from Surfing Magazine




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With a contribution by DC as well.

Zen Monster, Vol. 1, #2  is now on sale @ all 3 ZC bookstores or online and 'google' Zen Monster on the site; its around $10. And don't forget Zen Monster Vol. 1, #1. You can order them both fromSFZC Bookstore. Check out the Zen Monster website.

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