Dear David;

I thought that the crooked cuke web sangha, might be interested in next weeks Real-to-Real: Buddhism and Film festiival Sept 20-22 at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco.

The printed program for the series includes a short talk by Shunryu Suzuki---'Our Everyday Life is Like a Movie'

Rina Sircar will open the festival with an invocation. Doris Doerrie the german director of 'Enlightenment Guaranteed' will receive a buddhism and film award and will introduce her films 'Enlightenment Guaranteed', and 'Moments' on friday night and on saturday night her latest film 'naked'[based on the heart sutra]. Saturday

Abbess Blanche Hartman will do an opening ceremoney. Michael O'keefe [actor and zen priest] will introduce 'Rashoman' and '12 Angry Men' on saturday.

Paul Haller [head of zen center outreach] will say a few words about 'Colorful' a recent japanese film recommended to us by Donald Richie.

Sunday Gesar Mukpo [Trungpa Rinpoches son] will do an opening ceremoney and introduce ' The Cup'.

Gretel Ehrlich will introduce 'The Salt Men of Tibet'. Sunday night i will say a few words about our last film 'Divided We Fall'.

For more information go to ,<> or call 415 255-6534. Tickets are available in advance at 300 Page Street and on <> and at the Castro Theatre on the movie day. Hope to see you there!---Michael Wenger

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