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8/6/89--A report from Kai (Harper) on Dan Harvey's funeral at Green Gulch.

Daniel Scott Harvey's funeral was held Wed., Aug. 4 at Green Dragon Temple, Green Gulch Farm. Except for myself all those that attended appeared to be from Daniel's life after he left Zen Center and married Deborah. Reb Anderson performed the ceremony assisted by Fu Nancy Shrader and Taiyo John Lipscomb. During the ceremony Reb told us that Daniel had always wanted to be a priest so Reb ordained him. His new name is Deep Stillness Essential Form.

His tea teacher Christy did a Tea Ceremony for him and nearly everyone spoke to or about Daniel. Many cried, some laughed and sang. I talked about the time when we both started working at Greens and were assigned the task of making tofu brochettes together. We were having so much fun and giggling so loudly that we were separated and not permitted to work together for a great long while. Daniel had an infectious sense of humor that was uncontainable. Everyone Spoke of Daniel's incredible exuberance for life, his passion for form in everything he did - tea, archery, body work, cooking and his Warrior like approach to life. And most of all his friends were deeply touched by his partnership and soul connection with his wife Deborah. After the funeral there was a reception during which his Kudo - archery partner, fired a shot for him with her bow and arrow. This was a beautiful ceremony as well, very heartfelt, you could feel a strong connection between and sense of love between this woman and Daniel.

Donna Harvey, her brother and mother attended accompanied by Donna's two little girls. It was great to see Donna, it has been many years, she still lives in Santa Fe. For the time being Deborah will remain in Petaluma and take some time to sort out what's next for her. She is an incredibly centered, courageous woman to have gone through what she did with Daniel. After the accident and for the next five years she took care of him nearly every single day, in and out of various treatment centers not only in CA but in Oklahoma as well. She finally brought him home just three weeks ago and the week before he died he told her he felt  as if he were dying. It was nothing physical, just a feeling inside, an intuition. Daniel never regained his memory of what happened ten years before the accident because of the severity of his head injuries. He never was able to realize that Deborah was his wife.

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