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Jeremiah Nathan's Memorial

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Jeremiah Nathan's Sunday memorial service at Green Gulch Farm (PDF)

2-26-13 - thanks for that PDF to Hideko Oga who wrote, "The service was conducted by Steve Stucky.  There were Mayumi, John Nathan and his wife, Peter Coyote, Blanche Hartman, Renee des Tombe, Bruce Fortin, Lane Olson, Julie Freiberg, Chris Rand, David Rivera, Kaz Tanahashi and Linda Hess. Many more and many people I hadn't seen in 30 years.  I was sure I was an old timer. The zendo was full. It was good to return to the place where I took the first step into this world."

Lane Olson adds: After the ceremony in the Zendo, we all walked down to Muir Beach. Mayumi lead us all to the water’s edge where we threw white flowers into the sea. Some stood their flowers upright in the sand. Then school friends moved the stupa they built onto the existing bonfire that Jesse was monitoring. Angus, James, Tim O’Shea jr. Many other friends and family were there. Lots of bongo drumming and incense burning. Tribal in the best sense of the word.

2-22-13 - There will be a memorial ceremony for Jeremiah (G) Nathan at Green Gulch Farm in Muir Beach, CA, on Sunday, February 24th at 2:00 pm. Nathan's mother, Mayumi Oda, asks that each person bring one flower to be offered after the service to the ocean which took Jeremiah's life  Read about G's disappearance below at 2-05-13. Farewell Ji, sorry I can't be at Green Gulch that day. PDF of invite.

2-05-13 - Jeremiah Nathan, Mayumi Oda's and John Nathan's son, dear friend to many of us, missing for four days after going scuba diving.

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KidKrush - Jeremiah's art blog

And Lane sent these photos of the ceremony at Muir Beach


Mayumi Oda, Jeremiah's mother in the while robe.