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Another update on the condition of Mark Petchey

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Thanksgiving weekend was our victory for Mark's recovery.

Mark was showing some interesting development for last few weeks as I have explained. He moves his thumb, makes the "thumb up" and blinks purposely. Then this weekend, he slowly opened his own right hand to a proposed hand of a visitor. When he shook hands with a visitor by his bed, we were so thrilled.

We started trying to make Mark shake hands with us. What did he do? He held our hands and not let go. He purposely tightened his hands until we begged him to release. Then, he slowly grinned watching us on eye and giggled! Yes, he giggled.

We witnessed his mischievous and naughty "ear to ear" smile on this face and audible giggles. It was not a big laughter but clearly heard. He did it for a few times during this weekend.

Our neighbor, Roger has made a small switch box so that Mark can holds and press the button to buzz. His routine speech therapist questioned, "Is London located in France?" Silence. Then, she asked, "If London located in England?" He pressed the button. This happened yesterday.

What a wonderful progress he made this month after four months of rather quiet and slow recovery. It all happened in a few weeks. Really surprising.

Mark started visiting his former rehabilitation hospital for more physical exercise on tilt table and standing chair this week. I believe he will speed soon and eat from the mouth.



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