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8/88/99--A message from Shohaku Okamura-sensei whom we are all happy is moving to SF. He's a fine Zen teacher, modest and on the ball. And he's done some important translating. AND he's going to be leading a zazen group at Sokoji, Suzuki's old temple in Japantown (not in the same building). Call 415-952-3286 for details.

Dear David-san;

Since I came back from Japan in the middle of July, I have been very busy for setting up the office of Soto Zen Education Center and my room at the SF Zen Center. Moving have finished and we started to work at the office at Sokoji and I have little bit settled down at the Zen Center.

I am very happy to be in San Francisco, staying at SFZC and working at Sokoji. People are very friendly to me. I am happy to sit at the Zendo where Suzuki Roshi sat.

I am going to Bloomington Indiana tomorrow to stay there for three weeks. I will have translation workshop with John McRae, Taigen Dan Leighton and Jisho Carry Warner. We will work on the translation of a collection of essays on "Tenzo-kyokun" which includes Uchiyama Roshi's and Katagiri Roshi's essays.

This translation project is a part of the commemorative events for the 800th anniversary of Dogen Zenji's birth as well as Dogen Zenji's Symposium and academic conference at Stanford University in October.

Recently I saw a movie by Ozu Yasujiro entitled "Floating weeds"; a story of a traveling kabuki player and his company. I am also a floating weed. Of course, I am a Dharma grand son of "Homeless" Kodo. For now I enjoy to practice with many people in various places. Wherever I go, when I sit on a cushion, I feel that is my home. But, it is difficult to live separate from my family.

I am coming back to SF on August 27th and going to Minneapolis on September 1st to stay with my family until Labor Day. I hope to visit you in September after coming back from Minnesota.

We will have a board meeting of Sanshin Zen Community in Bloomington while I will be there.

I hope you are in good health and things are going well.

Gassho, Shohaku Okumura

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