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Interview with Jack Van Allen

Saw Ellen, Jack's widow at the main Santa Rosa Post Office yesterday where she's been at the counter for many years. Here's to you jack. - dc

In Memoriam
Jack Arthur Van Allen
October 14, 1935 - June 19, 2007

Jack's warm presence, great heart and passion for the good and the right in the world are greatly missed by his family and friends. He was many things in his life; choir boy, tenor soloist, opera singer, manager of the first beatnik coffee house in New Orleans,
environmentalist and fierce
defender of personal freedoms.
He made jewelry for friends,
clients, family and the Grateful Dead, as well as Buddhist images for the Buddhist community across the United States. He loved his children and grandchildren with all of his heart and wanted them to be the best that they could be.
He was with his wife for 41 years, and lived up to his promise that
"it will never be dull", sometimes to Ellen's dismay. His sense of humor and the twinkle in his eyes
were a constant joy.

Jack, you are greatly missed and will live on in our hearts.

from Santa Rosa Press Democrat (CA)-June 19,2009