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ZC Stories

Could be a lot go here. Not much yet. Tassajara Stories will be collected here, but also city and farm. Of course there are a lot all over cuke that can be linked to from here in time. - dc

8-05-14 - About thirteen years ago was driving a friend named Judy around Marin and Sonoma. After Green Gulch Farm we dropped by Peter and Wendy's in Muir Beach. My friend said that I'd been introducing her to the Buddhist scene in the North Bay and asked Peter if he had any advice. "Yeah," he said. "Beware of teachers." - DC

The Summer of 74 - Danny Parker

Cannabis Cookie Freak-out at Tassajara - by Loring Palmer

by Leland Smithson

          Zen Moires

          Spinoffs & Spin Backs

DC and fox at Tass

Dealing with Rowdy Guys at Tassajara

David Schneider Green Gulch Memories

Green Gulch First Visit - Barrie Mason remembers

A History of Green Gulch Farm by Mick Sopko

4-28-14 - Gomashio, sesame salt, at Tassajara

8-06-14 - Alan Marlow's Great Moment - Tassajara