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"Original Mind" Report
Buddhas arise from our human life. From where else could they arise! All our categories arise from our human life. Buddhas are a category of being. Buddhas are one of the potentials of our human life. We can feel it.  We know it. And the degree to which we know-feel, and know-feel we know it, transforms us into Buddhas. 

~  Zentatsu Baker Roshi

Our project is progressing, even if - in my opinion - a little slowly. When Tatsudo Roshi and Baker Roshi were talking yesterday about whether they could be more efficient, he said: "It's not that simple. I am not slow. I am just a perfectionist who isn't very good at perfection!"
Nevertheless, Tatsudo Roshi and Baker Roshi have found a good approach and enjoy working together. Keith has returned to Crestone to rejoin the practice period and Nicole Dunas, also a long-time student of Baker Roshi and author herself, is joining Roshi and Nicole today. We are grateful to have her support on this project.
To give you an insight into our project time here, we have put together a short film:
(Many thanks to Lea Dinger, who edited Keith and Nicole's snapshots to create this video)

Tomorrow you will receive the first excerpt of the book and information about how to join Zoom Book Review meetings with Baker Roshi and how to send written feedback. If you are not already signed up for the Book Review mailing list, please use this button:
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