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Zentatsu Richard Baker

Zentatsu Baker link on Dharma Sangha website

Ancestors and Dharma heirs of Shunryu Suzuki

Zentatsu Richard Baker Roshi is a dear friend and teacher of mine who has been completely supportive of cuke archives, work, projects, and me and mine all the way back to before Tassajara at Sokoji. - DC

2-11-17 - Zentatsu Richard Baker in the SFZC Wind Bells
               1963 - 1971 - Shunryu abbot
               1972 - 1973 - Zentatsu abbot
               1974 - 1979 - Zentatsu abbot
               1983 - 1987
               1988 - 1998
               1999 - 2012

Zentatsu lectures from the Wind Bell - in one PDF. They're all linked to individually as well from the Richard Baker in Wind Bells links above.

Wind Bell excerpts

Notes on early Richard Baker Wind Bell interview

All Wind Bells Index

Richard Baker on his practice with Shunryu Suzuki from an early draft of Original Mind

Original Mind - chapters from Baker's yet published book

Richard Baker on Alan Watts - sent to DC spring 2015

DC on Alan Watts with Baker references

So much to add here like Baker in Crooked Cucumber and much more. But you can find it all by searching for "baker" in's site search. - dc

 7-03-14 - Richard Baker related archival 2013 Scans

Richard Baker figures porminantly the in Zen In America KQED film on where one can see the whole or parts with several hundred stills.

Some photos with Richard Baker on the cuke photo page and from there via links.