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of Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Center back then, etc. 

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photo by Lisa Law


This from the notes of Tony Artino. Given by Milton Clapp to Danny Parker and sent to me, DC, back in 2005.

See Danny's interview with Milton

All Tony Artino Suzuki lecture notes on

All Tony Artino Suzuki lecture notes on (likely this set is the most accurate)

10-17-07 - A few quotes from Shunryu Suzuki

Many people mistakenly believe that Zen Buddhism and other religions are mystical. The practice of zazen is not for gain mystical something. Zazen is for developing-- or allowing-- a clear clear as the bright autumn sky.

Zen practice is to get to our true mind, the mind not accessible to thinking. This mind cannot be consciously known by ordinary efforts. An unusual effort is necessary-- this effort is zazen.

If we give up our foolish measuring of our zazen, such as good or bad, then we can be free and will attain Buddhahood.


- Shunryu Suzuki
Wednesday, November 16, 1966: old Bush Street Zendo

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