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Brief Memories
of Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Center back then, etc. 

Eijun Linda Cutts

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I was a rather new student at page street and had been given the job of shoten to ring the bell for the time drum and bell sequence in the morning. I was standing by the densho waiting for the signal when Suzuki-roshi came down the stairs with his Jisha Katherine Thanas on his way to offer the morning incense . I was standing in shashu, very intent on practicing my new temple job. He stopped in front of me and bowed. I just stood there in shashu. Then he bowed again. No response from me. Then he said "Bow" so I did and away he went. Later Katherine told me she had never seen him do that before. I realized I felt I had been "seen". My new, baby intention had been seen and acknowledged.

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