photo by Lisa Law

Brief Memories
of Shunryu Suzuki,
Zen Center
back then, etc.


Ned Hoke
Sent 4-12-12. Posted 4-14-12

Each time I visit the grave site at Tassajara, bow warmly and remembering hauling that big rock up the hill with a gasoline winch and Bob Walter, recalling how profoundly glad I am to have received Suzuki Roshi's presence and teachings. Seeing circular bands of light where his feet had recently been ..walking kinhin past his wife instantly feeling profound devastated loss for one round and then feeling as if by magic my spine grow strong and straight following that respectful farewell. Beside all that sort of magic simply the venues of grace (practice) and intention holding purpose within and beyond the known feeling self, I learned, was gifted joy without a party or a price.


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