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Brief Memories
of Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Center back then, etc. 

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Barbara Young

Interviewed by DC on 9\16\95

[Barbara has been in Minneapolis since the seventies when she went there with her then husband, Norm Randolph, to follow Katagiri Roshi]

I remember one time when I walked in the front door of page street and Suzuki Roshi was there at the desk with the Sunday funnies and he said, "Oh ho ho - Blondie," and he pointed at me.

And I remember him chasing Yasuhiko around the courtyard with a little water pistol. [Yasuhiko is one of the two sons of Tomoe and Katagiri Roshi]

I remember him walking up the stairs - just like the sun - that's what he felt like to me.

I was at Tassajara at the sesshin when he died and I very very strongly felt his presence in the zendo like he was hovering over taking it all in.

I remember him working out by his cabin, moving rocks around and spending a lot of time out there.

I remember Baker Roshi's mountain seat ceremony when Suzuki Roshi came in and he was so jaundiced - you know, just kind of banging the shakujo [staff with brass rings].

But the most vivid memory is him chasing Yasuhiko around so playful and just like a child with total enjoyment at the moment and not being embarrassed or anything else. And I remember his name, Crooked Cucumber.

I remember bringing him wildflowers from Tassajara to the city when he was sick. I knew he liked them.

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