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Missing last page to original lecture for Mind Waves chapter


Shunryu Suzuki Lecture Transcript work 2012-13 --- INDEX

5-01-13 - Today posting the missing text from the last page of Shunryu Suzuki lecture 67-01-12 which became the Mind Waves chapter of ZMBM.

Missing text, last page from  67-01-12

which you experience… not now, but sometime before.  Even though you do not know when you have experience, but you feel as if you have know it… you have experienced it long before. That is how we accept things. So this mind is not different from the mind which is related to something. In this… with this mind we sit, so our mind is always… we can sit with the big mind. This practice is called practice with original enlightenment, or wondrous enlightenment

Lecture transcript of  67-01-12 that it will be added to - from shunryusuzuki.com

PDF of early draft of 67-01-12 with hand written edits (probably by Trudy Dixon - DC) with missing third page.

The reason it wasn't there is: It's one of the lectures from the Los Altos Box of lectures that went into making Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind. When I found that box in the SFZC City Center library storage room a few years ago (pointed out by Diane, the British priest who worked in the office), I immediately started working with it in the library reading room - stayed up all night. Divided the material into apparently verbatim transcripts, first drafts with handwritten markings, 2nd drafts with markings, final draft with no handwriting, and lectures that weren't worked on or used in ZMBM. I made photocopies of all the original transcripts. Gloria Discoe McMillan transcribed them onto disc from her home in the Sierras. She said she'd been one of the original transcribers back in the late sixties typing the copy that she was now re-typing onto disc. She said that back then they made exact verbatim transcriptions. She noted that this lecture wasn't complete. That was like five years ago and I'm just getting around to fixing that problem. I was always involved in other aspects of the archiving and other stuff, would think of doing it now and then but just kept putting it off. I had a couple of copies of the original transcripts. In November I went through all my archives and somehow missed finding either copy. I knew where the Los Altos Box was kept in the Ino's office. I'd put it there and noticed them still there a year or so ago. Yesterday, 4-29-13, the Los Altos box wasn't there. Met with the new secretary of the SFZC, Connie Cummings, who has a lot of Suzuki archive stuff in her office but it wasn't there either. She suggested David Zimmerman's office and indeed there it was newly boxed by the archiving class that comes every summer. The lecture was missing the last page - but only on the original, not on the 1st draft which is a copy of the original with handwritten edits. So there it was. I transcribed the last page onto disc, made photocopies of that draft and of the original of another lecture, 66-01-12, on which Gloria had noted there were some blank spaces. So now 67-01-13 will be complete, a PDF of the edited draft will be posted, as will a PDF of 66-01-12 . And now I think we should have PDFs of the whole box to post and preserve - and PDFs of all the original transcripts of Suzuki lectures. This is a start. Posting this work on the Work in Progress page of cuke.com and on shunryusuzuki.com the missing text will be added first.

The Shunryu Suzuki lectures transcribed from the originals onto disc from the Los Altos Box are posted on shunryusuzuki.com and are listed in two groups:

Lectures in Zen Mind Beginner's Mind - most of the lectures in the Original Transcript column (not 66-00-00 AE and BE which are from the book as no other versions are available)

Other lectures - not necessarily given at Los Altos.

Must make PDFs of all the material from the Los Altos Box.

Should consider another name for this group of lecture transcripts in stages of editing.

- DC


Shunryu Suzuki Lecture Transcripts in Progress

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