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Shunryu Suzuki Lecture Transcripts in Progress

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Working with the most difficult tapes in the Suzuki tape archive

Shunryu Suzuki Lecture
Audio Problem Set
[fragment - mostly unintelligible]
CM's 2nd pass - see
JG's 1st pass

Zen butso ??? assembled and sitting together in that ??? monks, nuns, male and female lay devotees, gods, nagas, goblin, gandharvas, demons, garudas, kinnaras, great serpent, men and being... men and being not human... not human... men and being not human, as well as governors of the region, rulers of armies and rulers of four continent, all of them with their powers gaze upon the road in astonishment, in amazement, in ecstasy.

We had already around the ???....

Before Buddha entered, some meditation?? of... expulsion?? of ???.  We had ??? those people like four kinds of his group - monks, nuns, and male and female lay devotee??.  And gods - "gods" means devas, and devas - gods from ancient time.  From Rigvadas time.  Nagas and goblins.  Goblins is... means yaksha.  Goblins.  And we had those groups already.  Gandharvas... gandharvas and demons.  They're??... and demons means asura.  Asura.  "Ashura", maybe.  And the garudas, and kinnaras, and great serpents.  Great serpents here means mahoraga.

Those names may be better for us to be written in Sanskrit, rather than English, because it is difficult to know exactly what it is, goblins... many translation... you will have many translation!  I don't know, actually, what is the difference of goblins and demons!  [Laughter].

So... first, goblin.  First one mean yaksha.  Yaksha is ... we haven't yaksha here, frankly.  Those... those are called devas, nagas, and yaksha, and gandharvas, and asura, garuda, kinnara, mahoraga... mahoraga.  Those are called Eight... Eight Deva?? in Lotus Sutra.  Eight... Eight... Eight Protector of Buddha... Protectors of Buddhism.  Those are supernatural being or devas.

In some... in Lotus Scripture, we have eight Guardians, but some other scriptures we have six.  In this case, we include deva, naga, kinnara, gandharva, asura... asura... asura, garuda.  Those are six.  And together with yaksha... yaksha ???... yaksha and mahoraga; the last one, great serpents - those are characterized of... characterized serpent, as a kind of... as a kind of mystic or supernatural being??, or a kind of god.  The point ??? it must be before Buddhism, it must be god, but here in this scripture, they are treated like ???, like ???, according, but ??? all kind of people like that ???.  ??? in this ???.  ???.

??? always fight ???.  For ??? long ??? fight ???.  ???.


And naga ???.  ??? your ???.  ???.


???.  Garuda... garuda ???, this is ??? bad.  ???.  Again, those people can?? world?? of?? ???.  Can ??? Buddha ???.  Doing?? something, when he enter, ???, more?? of those [human being??] ??? devotees?? ???.  ???.  In this way??, ???.  ???.

It extend over eighteen hundred thousand (1,800,000) Buddha field.  This Buddha field ??? Buddha.  ??? Buddha, ???.  Buddha field ??? Buddha world??.  It extend over eighteen hundred thousand (1,800,000) Buddha field, Buddha world??.  ???.  You know, here, it says ???, but as you'll... we'll find out later, this is not that ???.  ???.  So that all those Buddha field ???.  ???.

68-10-00-H-cm - Source: digital audio archive from DC.  Problem set.  Thanks to audio work by AW, transcribed March 2012 by Judy Gilbert.  Work in progress.  Further preparation to post by DC - More editing and transcription by CM beginning of November 2012 using the enhanced audio.  Audio grade E-, maybe 1/3 is understandable.  Audio quality is fairly poor, but after around 7 minutes it worsens greatly and becomes unintelligible.  Very last section is sped up and supplemental material (Claude comment) mentions battery problem. More work on audio should try.

Shunryu Suzuki Lecture Transcripts in Progress

Working with the most difficult tapes in the Suzuki tape archive

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