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Shunryu Suzuki quotes on practice
from the Fall, 1967 Wind Bell

Shunryu Suzuki quotes and excerpts


If you are truly involved with the development of our way,

there will be no idea of development,

of religious or worldly, of Japanese or American,

of man or woman, or even of Zen.

Such true activity will start

 when distinctions are forgotten

 and hindrances become the opportunity for practice.

Thus you will know your own way .

It is the time to put these seven hundred year old

 teachings of Dogen Zenji into practice.

from Wind Bell Vol. VI Nos. 2-4, P.50

entered in archive as 67-08-00WB-B


Wind Bell Vol. VI Nos. 2-4, P.4-6
entered into archive as 67-08-00WB-A

placed on separate page

Found these going through the Wind Bells (publication of SFZC) and looking for Shunryu Suzuki material not in archive. I assume they were edited by Richard Baker or maybe Peter Schneider. Below are the scanned images from which the text was transcribed. To get these into the lecture archive have to name them. - DC , January 2012 - Completed the first piece 4-24-14 - had only transcribed the first page.Moved them from this page to each having their own pages.

Both entries scanned from Wind Bell by David Chadwick on Jim Richardson’s scanner. Entered onto disc by Edgar Arnold January 2012

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