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On the Hebrew translation of Mitsu Suzuki's Temple Dusk and comments on the situation in Israel

8-22-14 - Mitsu Suzuki (Shunryu's widow) recent haiku collection, Temple Dusk, being released in Hebrew.

Translated from the Japanese by Zenshin Eitan Bolokan

Here's an announcement of the release event. [Can't get this link to work on site though it works from the email received]

See more on Mitsu and the English version of the book

7-25-14 - Have been corresponding with Zenshin Eitan Bolokan from the Department of East Asian Studies at Tel Aviv University in Israel about the Hebrew translation of Mitsu Suzuki's collection of haiku, Temple Dusk. He writes that Kaz Tanahashi and Mrs. Suzuki "have helped me a lot, and I'm in great debt to both of them." Bolokan was at the Soto Zen Komazawa University for several years until recently doing research on Dogen's Shobogenzo and Koroku collections. He wrote last fall, "Along side writing my thesis, I have also started to translate Soto texts into Hebrew, an effort that resulted in the Hebrew publication of Dogen's and Ryokan's tanka collection in 2011." He's been working on the Temple Dusk translation for three years. I helped some with photos for the book. It's ready to publish but it's on hold due to the current situation in Israel. Bolokan writes:

The past month and a half has been a difficult period here in Israel.

The situation continues, as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem have been added to the range of the Hamas missiles. As I write these lines the IDF makes its way into Gaza, with many of our troops. Flames just keep bringing on flames. I pray for this to end.


In light of this situation we have decided to delay the publication, and at the moment it is scheduled for August 28th. If the the war continues until than - and more reservists shall be recruited - we may change the date once again.


And in another email:

I hope better days will come soon. Sometimes it seems as if nobody wants to listen to any option other than war. My friend and I went yesterday to a peaceful demonstration against the war and were attacked by right wing extremists. Anybody who tries to say something against the attacks on Gaza is marked as a traitor and the violence is very hard. I don't remember such an atmosphere within Israel since the days before the assassination of former Prime Minister Rabin. I pray everyday for this to end - that the terms and conditions that brought about this situation to end.

May peace prevail. - DC